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The Leadership Chronicles

Innovate and Elevate

With a track record of operational success, Pat Alacqua founded the Entrepreneur To Enterprise Program. The platform provides insights into overcoming business challenges by offering practical tips, strategies, and best practices that accelerate your professional career growth and business-building success.

Insights from Pat Alacqua

Strategize, Optimize, Capitalize

Renowned executive coach and business consultant Jane Gentry shares her expertise on expanding your business’ present capabilities while establishing a legacy of future value. See how the leading voice in leadership and sales can take your team to the next level.

Insights from Jane Gentry

Communications Lab

Emmy award-winning broadcaster and voice of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Atlanta Hawks Bob Rathbun and communications consultant to CEOs Dez Thornton share actionable strategies to refine public speaking and leadership communication skills.

Insights from Bob Rathbun and Dez Thornton

Peak Performance Perspectives

Veteran brand building and professional development leader Dr. Bernie Mullin shares the insights and strategies leaders use to elevate their teams, organizations and career strategies. Learn the secrets to transforming your company, building a winning culture, elevating your brand, and mastering the hiring and retention process to reach peak performance.

Insights from Dr Bernie Mullin

L.E.A.D. - Launch. Expose. Advise. Direct.

C.J. Stewart understands the power of opportunities. Growing up in one of Atlanta's most dangerous housing projects, he used baseball as his path forward. Today, the former Chicago Cubs outfielder and Amazon No. 1 Best Selling Author is co-founder (along with his wife, Kelli) and Chief Visionary Officer for the non-profit organization L.E.A.D. (Launch, Expose, Advise, Direct). Learn how building a non-profit organization can make a difference.

Insights from C.J. Stewart

Forward Focus

With decades of experience in the healthcare benefits landscape, Trey Hinson outlines the ongoing fusion of technology and healthcare, providing a wealth of practical solutions for today’s business leaders. While he will not provide actual plan advice, Trey will offer insights that can help your employees navigate today’s complex terrain.

Insights from Trey Hinson

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